Let the portfolio be you


I was confronted with quite a challenge some time ago. Send a company a more unique and creative portfolio or should I rather say a presentation of me and of what I do. What to do instead of just sending a pdf portfolio of my work or a printed booklet with the same content, when everything can be seen on my web page (well not everything, because that would be too much information)?

After a long thought I decided to send a box, a survival box. “What are you talking about?” would someone say at this moment. :)

A survival box some would get in case I get to come to their company for an intro meeting. So there would be a lot of initial conversation material or maybe just to bring a smile on someone’s face when they receive my box on a cloudy Monday.

Of course it was turquoise. What did it include? Besides a short intro, there were many little things with an added description. There was coffee and nut mix that are necessary for a successful meeting with the instructions how the make my favorite coffee. There were also dog cookies in case they were a dog friendly office. I added the mention of my favorite color and an unique USB with my favorite songs. To make them smile (which is the best Monday exercise) I also sent them a written joke. I also included the planner Baeba, which I am, among all my projects, most proud of. There were just some additional explanations at the bottom of the box so they would know why I am writing to them and what my idea of collaboration was.


The box got their attention. Despite the fact that it didn’t contain my design work I was invited to the meeting just because I had a different and alluring approach.

So go out there and be unique, be special, be different.