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I'm Ana

Graphic designer and a multipractic

About me

I always wanted to be a graphic designer. It's nice when your biggest dreams come true. It is even nicer when you get to do what you love for a living and to work on something every day with all your heart and effort. To work for yourself means to have the best boss you could ever imagine ;)

Why am I any different than other designers? I want to make a difference. I want to do good design that only fits the ordering customer. I want for people to succeed and accomplish their goals. I want to be a part of their road to that goal.

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  • Ana Primožič

  • 18th Feb. 1987

  • English, Slovenian, Italian

  • www.go-ap.com


Graphic Design

Brochures, flyers, corporate identities, illustrations, media campaigns, my own brand, … Can you find anything that I haven't done yet? :D


Web Design

I designed many websites, mobile apps, built up a lot of web shop designs, made tons of mailings … UX/UI design is well known to me ;)


Social media

Could I be named a FB/IG expert? After managing a bunch of FB pages and posting on IG on a daily basis (business related) I would say YES!


"Design is not a thing you do. It’s a way of life!"


Graphic design was always my main interest. It’s noticeable from my schooling and previous workplaces. But as a curious designer I am also intrigued by classic art, business management, sales, photography, animals, the art of cooking, traveling and other cultures …
I could go on for ages.


Bachelor of Media communication

Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer science (2005-2010)

NVQ - Graphic designer

Secondary School for Design and Photography (2001-2005)


Owner, designer, multipractic

GO-AP (2013-Present)

Being my own boss, employee of the year, the best coffee maker, secretary, cleaning lady, …

Project manager, graphic designer

Oranža d.o.o. (2012-2014)

Graphic and web design, advertisement, project management, Facebook management

Graphic designer

Aliansa 54 d.o.o. (2010-2012)

Graphic and web design, advertisement

Graphic designer, Project manager

Studio Navitas d.o.o. (2008-2009)

Graphic design, advertisement, project management




7552Dog walks


If you have any questions about my work or me feel free ;) Want to meet me and have the best chat or the most intense brainstorm ever? Send a message. Need a really good design for a fair price? Hey, I’m here! Want to whine, weep or slander? Then find somebody else ;)